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Whether you’ve just started to write your CV / resume or you’re struggling to get past the interview stage, our Jobseeker Skills courses are just the ticket. Available on the LoveTEFL Learning Hub, you’ll get access to five short courses and guides taking you through quizzes, writing tasks, sample CVs and cover letters plus a whole lot more!

  • Building the Perfect TEFL CV/ Resume
  • Writing a Successful Cover Letter
  • Creating Effective Introductory Videos
  • Mastering the TEFL Interview
  • Sample CV / Resume Pack

In next to no time, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to help you land your dream teaching job. And because it’s all online, you can access these resources anytime, any place from your tablet, computer or phone. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to access our FREE top tips for jobseekers and start your first skills course.

What will i learn?


Written by experienced Delta-qualified teachers and developed alongside top employers, you’ll get a first-hand look at what TEFL recruiters expect from your job applications.

  • Access our ‘Perfecting your Application’ series: Learn how to create high-quality job applications from scratch with this insightful set of jobseeker courses.
  • Video interviews with TEFL recruiters: Hear from the experts and discover what skills and experience employers want from you.
  • Quizzes, guides, samples and more: Get everything from sample CVs and cover letters to TEFL interview questions and answers.

We're growing the Learning Hub, together.

Our goal is simple – create top-quality resources and provide useful advice to help you find your dream job and grow as a teacher! With our expert TEFL knowledge and your helpful feedback, we’ll be creating new resources every month on a learning system that works for you.

  • Easy to understand: Forget difficult lingo – we use straightforward language & easy-to-digest guides.
  • Accessible and affordable: There’s no need to shell out for every course – get year-long access for just $15.00 or try some of our content for FREE.
  • Ready to use in the classroom: Download and print easy-to-follow lesson plans, ready to use right away.
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