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Make sure you’re fully prepared and equipped for your teaching day (and save hours of hard work too!) with our ever-growing bank of TEFL lesson plans from the LoveTEFL Learning Hub!

You’ll get access to a wide range of topics, age groups and ability levels covering everything from greetings and animals to telling the time and grammar tenses. Plus, you’ll get warmers & coolers, printable materials and alternative activities to make preparation simple and easy!

All our lesson plans have been created by Delta-qualified and experienced TEFL teachers so you can be confident they’re ready to put straight into action.

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Lesson Plans

What's inside?

Regularly updated! You’ll find a growing list of lesson plans to help fast track your TEFL career!

Here’s a few lesson plans from the LoveTEFL Learning Hub:

  • Greetings & Names
  • Teaching the names of Animals
  • Giving Directions
  • Teaching Hobbies
  • How to Tell the Time
  • Teaching Verbs in Phrases
  • Lots more…!

We're growing the Learning Hub, together.

Our goal is simple – create top-quality resources and provide useful advice to help you find your dream job and grow as a teacher! With our expert TEFL knowledge and your helpful feedback, we’ll be creating new resources every month on a learning system that works for you.

  • Easy to understand: Forget difficult lingo – we use straightforward language & easy-to-digest guides.
  • Accessible and affordable: There’s no need to spend the world – get year-long access for just $25.00 or sign-up today to try free samples.
  • Ready to use in the classroom: Download and print easy-to-follow lesson plans, ready to use right away.
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What else will I find in the LoveTEFL Learning Hub?

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