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Posted on 18th October 2021

We’re hiring! – eTeacher Group

  • Location

    Teach Online
  • Salary

    £788 - 1050/month ($1080 - 1440)
  • Contract Length

    1 months
  • Qualifications Required

    Bachelor’s Degree or higher + TEFL/TESOL certificate
  • Experience

    2 Years
  • Passport Held

eTeacher Group

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Job description

eTeacher Group doesn’t insist on working specific hours, as they have students in various time zones across the world. However, your best chance to secure bookings is to open availability in the evenings (Israel Standard Time).

The first month consists of training, including twice-weekly meetings, and new teachers must commit to prescribed training times during that period.

Group classes last 55 minutes (but pay for the full hour). Private (one-on-one) classes typically last 60 minutes, but this can be shortened (upon agreement) if a student’s attention span necessitates it.
There is a minimum hours commitment of 15 hours across 3 days a week. You must make yourself available long-term and are sent students matching your availability; it is then the teachers’ responsibility to correspond with the students or their parents to arrange the timing and regularity of their classes.

eTeacher Group has a very progressive cancellation policy; there are no financial penalties, and you just have to rearrange the missed class if you’re sick (in the same week, if possible).

Salary & benefits

The eTeacher Group pay rate is US$18 per hour. You will receive half-pay during the initial training month. There’s the possibility of a $1 pay rise at the end of each year, based upon class observations and student feedback, which is capped at 4 years ($22).

The base pay can be topped up by eTeacher Group’s generous referral incentive of $250, if your referee is hired, completes their training and works for 3 months.

There are no financial penalties (unlike many online ESL companies); if you’re sick, you just have to rearrange the missed class.

  • Location

    Teach Online
  • Salary

    £788 - 1050/month ($1080 - 1440)
  • Contract Length

    1 months

Job requirements

eTeacher Group requires that their teachers:

  • Be a Native or Near-Native Speaker of English
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree (a relevant subject is advantageous)
  • English teaching certification (e.g. CELTA/TEFL/TESOL, etc.)
  • Minimum of 2 years ESL experience teaching children, teens AND adults (must have taught all three age groups)
  • Computer-orientated with internet usage skills
  • Available long-term for at least 15 hours across 3 days a week

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