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Posted on 2nd February 2022

Teach English with Oxinity

  • Location

    Teach Online
  • Salary

    £238 - 2980/month (€280 - 3500)
  • Contract Length

    1 months
  • Qualifications Required

    TEFL/TESOL certificate
  • Experience

    None needed
  • Passport Held

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Job description


  • Profitability from the first student
    Eliminate all your structure costs! and wins from the first student.
  • Client Property Guarantee Client
    property is the most precious asset of our franchisees that we take care of and guarantee.
  • No problems in recruiting teachers
    The community is made up of teacher franchises, who teach the classes.
  • Flexible and scalable growth
    Being able to offer growth of thousands of students for large companies in less than 1 week.
    Technology at the service of teachers in order to accelerate the learning process of students. We have devised a tool that stores the individualized progress of each student to teach based on what remains to be learned, obtaining this information in real time in each class. We manage to go 5 times faster than any other system that uses traditional books or photocopies. We have developed the world’s first “living textbook” that is constantly updated, thanks to the use of teachers, to find the best way to teach.


Salary & benefits

  • €14 – €35 an hour

-All your teaching materials ready to go (no more long hours spent preparing for classes)
-Own website for each teacher
-Platform for schedules and student progress
-Training in ELT business skills, marketing, and promotions free of charge
-All services freelance teachers need, such as money collection, invoicing, etc.
-Continuous teachers’ development and upgrading

  • Location

    Teach Online
  • Salary

    £238 - 2980/month (€280 - 3500)
  • Contract Length

    1 months

Job requirements

-Native-like level of English (essential)
-Passion for teaching (essential)
-Good communication Skills (essential)
-University graduate (preferred)

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