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Posted on 12th November 2021

Teach English in Poland with English Wizards!

  • Location

    Multiple, Poland
  • Salary

    £933 - 2240/month (zł5000 - 12000)
  • Contract Length

  • Start date

  • Qualifications Required

    TEFL/TESOL certificate
  • Experience

    None needed
  • Number of Positions

  • Passport Held

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Job description


Looking to teach English the heart of Central Europe but still looking for that magical “way in”? Working with English Wizards provides you the option to find paid teaching jobs at schools all over Poland with a legal work visa and full support available inside and outside of the classroom.

Poland is one of the world’s fastest-growing TEFL destinations due to its charming culture, beautiful medieval cities, cheap cost of living, and the widespread availability of jobs for native English speakers. Navigating the job market alone can be quite difficult, especially without EU citizenship, but English Wizards makes the process easier than ever before!

Jobs in Poland

Poland’s major cities, including Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, and Wroclaw, have an abundance of teaching jobs available and don’t suffer from oversaturation of English teachers like some European cities such as Barcelona, Prague, and Florence do. At least not yet!

English teachers will find a wide variety of jobs available in Poland. In the private sector, there are opportunities to teach at private language schools that cater to both adults and children, Business English is also growing rapidly, and many teachers are sent by language schools to teach “in company” classes. For those who prefer youngsters, jobs in preschools and private primary schools exist as well. Private tutoring is also very popular.

Although you’ll always find the occasional schools hiring year-round, the bulk of teachers will find work during the peak hiring season at the start of the academic year in September, or at the start of spring semester in January.

Salary & benefits

Salaries for native teachers range between €8 and €30 per hour, depending on your experience and qualifications. With a typical teaching workload of 25 hours per week, a teacher should expect to earn something in the range of €1000 to €2200 per month. Considering the low costs of living in Poland, this allows for a fairly comfortable lifestyle, covering various “extras” such as regional travel around Central Europe.

In addition, being with English Wizards means you’ll also enjoy other benefits, including:

  • Legal work visa before coming to Europe
  • Work anywhere in Poland – uniquely, our visa allows teachers to teach anywhere in the country, not just at one school
  • Arrival and pre-departure support
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Lifetime access to a wealth of teaching resources, such as lesson materials and job guidance
  • Onsite arrival support from Polish-speaking staff
  • Orientation and regular social events
  • Being part of Poland’s largest community of English teachers (400+ teachers and counting)
  • Location

    Multiple, Poland
  • Salary

    £933 - 2240/month (zł5000 - 12000)
  • Contract Length


Job requirements

All teachers must be native English speakers. We can accept non-natives on a case-by-case basis assuming that you can speak English at a native level of fluency and have a clear accent. Applicants of all nationalities are welcome to apply – we pride ourselves on having a diverse community of teachers from every corner of the globe. Currently our teachers come from 37 countries and 6 continents.

If you are not a native speaker, please include an audio or video clip showcasing your English abilities in your application. Non-native applicants without proof of excellent English fluency will be rejected.

Most schools will require a teacher to have a TEFL certification including live teaching practice and/or prior teaching experience, and we require this for our program as well.


Living in Poland

Poland boasts hearty home-cooked food, eye-catching European architecture from several historic periods, and a tragic but compelling history. Catholicism plays a big part in local culture, as does the arts, especially music and dance. The country also has fantastic skiing destinations, particularly the breath-taking Tatra Mountains.

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