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Posted on 1st December 2021

Teach Adults in Asia online! No degree necessary!

  • Location

    Teach Online
  • Salary

    £436 - 1419/month ($580 - 1890)
  • Contract Length

    1 months

Co-founded by a group of people who have traveled to different countries and come from all walks of life who are passionate… Read more

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Job description

Etalking is currently the only company in the industry to confirm the implementation of CEFR standards. The grading method of course levels, teaching materials, and teacher training accurately corresponds to the English grading method of the European Common Reference Framework (CEFR). Compared with other online teaching, there is no objective and fair grading, and there is no internationally unified standard for grading. Etalking is indeed leveled in a fair manner, and the selection of teaching materials is difficult, easy, and moderate, which greatly improves the learning effect.

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