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This job has now expired and can no longer be applied for. Click here to search live jobs.

Posted on 26th May 2022

Reading Specialist – English Teachers in Malaysia

  • Location

    Multiple, Malaysia
  • Salary

    £951/month ($1200)
  • Contract Length

    24 months
  • Qualifications Required

    Bachelor’s Degree or higher + TEFL/TESOL certificate
  • Experience

    None needed
  • Passport Held

I Can Read

I Can Read is a market leader in English literacy which boasts over 300,000 success stories over the past 20 years. Read more

This position has now expired and can no longer be applied for.

Job description


Teach I Can Read Literacy courses:

  • Working with children between the ages of 2.5 to 12 years old
  • Teaching pre-reading skills to children using the I Can Read system
  • Teaching reading and comprehension skills using the I Can Read system
  • Conducting ad hoc replacement lessons and one-to-one lessons
  • Teaching I Can Read affiliated programmes
  • Teaching writing skills, including grammar, editing and publishing
  • Teaching oral presentation and communication skills
  • Helping children develop social skills and positive classroom behaviour
  • Using I Can Read’s positive reinforcement for classroom management
  • Fulfilling at least one Duty Day per week


Conduct Assessments: 

  • Conducting initial assessments for all prospective students
  • Regularly assessing students during classes to monitor individual progress
  • Working alongside the assessment team to ensure smooth running of open house events
  • Discussing with parents the assessment outcomes, advising the most suitable course for their child and explaining I Can Read’s methodology


  • Maintaining regular open communication with parents, through informal, formal and scheduled parent-teacher meetings. In addition, communication may also be via email and phone calls using the centre’s computer/phone in agreement with the Operations Manager
  • Keeping attendance logs for all classes taught and updating the Operations Management when a student is ready for promotion
  • Attending regular Learning Centre Team meetings; this may also include taking of meeting minutes
  • Updating progress sheets, complete term reports and Accident and Incident reports as required

    Contribute to Student Growth and Retention: 

  • Increasing sign-ups through competently conducted assessments
  • Maximising student retention through effective delivery of the I Can Read pedagogy and regular updates to the parents

    Any other duties:

  • Conducting ad hoc parent-teacher meetings and briefings
  • Attending additional training if and when required
  • Assisting with ad hoc duties
  • Completing centre academic audits if required
  • Updating the Learning Centre Team on any damages within the centre
  • Helping the centre team to keep classrooms tidy and stocked with the required materials and stationery

Job requirements

  • Requirements:
  • Degree-level qualifications, preferably in Teaching/Education/Early Childhood/Studies/English/English Literature or Linguistics
  • Diploma-level qualifications must be in a relevant field such as Teaching/Education/Early Childhood Studies/English Language/English Literature or Linguistics
  • English speaker with a universally recognisable accent and a strong command of the English Language
  • At least two years of related teaching experience, or similar
  • An enthusiasm for teaching young children
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • The ability to work well with co-teachers, and Learning Centre Management
  • The ability to operate with a high level of integrity and professionalism

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