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This job has now expired and can no longer be applied for. Click here to search live jobs.

Posted on 13th November 2020

Online teaching positions – academic year full time roles

  • Location

    Teach Online
  • Salary

    £878/month (¥8000)
  • Contract Length

    9 months
  • Start date

  • Weekly Hours


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This position has now expired and can no longer be applied for.

Job description

Teaching online to Chinese schools students this is a great position for someone who wants to turn Online Teaching into a full-time role. Working with a schools in China you’ll be required to teach English to their students over an in-house virtual platform for the full academic year.

Students are aged from 3 to 18 and class sizes will be approximately 15 to 20 students in each class.

Lessons will typically be 45 minutes and you’ll be required to teach a total of 22.5 hours a week.

You’ll need to work according to the timetable of the school which will be agreed in advance but will mean you’ll need to be available for lessons during evenings and weekends (China time).

Salary & benefits

  • 8,000 RMB per month for Bachelor degree holders
  • 4,000 RMB completion bonus at the end of the academic year contract
  • Semesters run from February/March to June/July and then September to mid-January
  • Holidays will be unpaid (typically the month of August) and semesters can vary from 4.5 to 5 months depending on the school
  • Location

    Teach Online
  • Salary

    £878/month (¥8000)
  • Contract Length

    9 months

Job requirements

  • TEFL certification (minimum 120 hours)
  • Copy of highest education completed. Degree holders are preferred but non-degree holders with prior teaching experience may be considered
  • 20-45 years of age.
  • Fluency in English
  • You will be contacted to film a pre-recorded 5 minute demo lesson if your application is suitable for the next stage

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