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This job has now expired and can no longer be applied for. Click here to search live jobs.

Posted on 14th December 2021

No degree? Learn Chinese and teach English in 2022!

  • Location

    Multiple, China
  • Salary

    £560/month (¥5000)
  • Contract Length

    12 months
  • Start date

  • Weekly Hours

Little London English School

Little London English School is the biggest and most successful private English school in Inner Mongolia. We are a family run business… Read more

This position has now expired and can no longer be applied for.

Job description

Dear friends, if you are looking for a job opportunity in China, Inner Mongolia London English School will be your best choice!

In conjunction with Honder College of Science, we now offer non-degree holders the chance to work, live and learn in China!

You will be offered to complete a one year course to enable foreign students of different Chinese proficiency to use the necessary daily Chinese to communicate, to basically meet the general requirements for survival in the Chinese-speaking countries or regions, and to lay the foundation for the continued study and research of Chinese language and Chinese culture. At the same time, while learning Chinese, you can choose their favorite major, and then transfer to undergraduate education. After purposeful learning of Chinese, you can upgrade to professional study, and obtain a bachelor’s degree in the corresponding major.

Tuition fee is normally 16,000RMB per year but all international students can take part time jobs at Little London English School, and LLE will pay all tuition fees for the part-time teachers. And part-time teachers can be paid accordingly, so the course is free!

Salary & benefits

  • You will work 20 hours a week and earn $772 a month
  • Earn a qualification in Chinese proficiency
  • Work towards an undergraduate degree
  • Potentially work towards a working visa, rather than a student visa
  • Free accommodation and car pick up
  • Free travel once a year
  • Location

    Multiple, China
  • Salary

    £560/month (¥5000)
  • Contract Length

    12 months

Job requirements

  • You must have a passport from UK, Ireland, South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
  • Completed secondary/high school education
  • TEFL qualification
  • Clear criminal record

Fu Cha Guan Xiang, Xincheng Qu, Huhehaote Shi, Neimenggu Zizhiqu, China

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