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Posted on 8th February 2021

Join a teachers cooperative at MyCoolClass

  • Location

    Teach Online
  • Salary

    £73 - 1096/month ($100 - 1500)
  • Contract Length

    1 months
  • Start date

  • Qualifications Required

    TEFL/TESOL certificate
  • Experience

    1 Year
  • Number of Positions

  • Passport Held


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Job description is a teacher-owned virtual learning platform cooperative. Every teacher has a stake in the company and takes part in the decision making. When the company profits, everyone benefits. There are no shareholders profiting from your labor.

We believe that the voice of every teacher matters and that we all deserve a living wage without discrimination. We seek to create an international collective of teachers and tutors who provide high quality education to their students around the world.

When teachers are paid well, have a stake and a say in the workplace, everyone benefits, especially the student.

Salary & benefits

Salary details are an indication only

  • Location

    Teach Online
  • Salary

    £73 - 1096/month ($100 - 1500)
  • Contract Length

    1 months

Job requirements

1. Be at least 18 years old.

2. Be qualified to teach the courses or subjects you offer to teach with minimum 1 year teaching experience.

3. Support Co-Op Principles and desire to play a role in workplace democracy.

4. Must have never been convicted of a violent or sexual crime in any country. All members will be subject to a background check.

5. Have a laptop computer with webcam, microphone and stable access to the internet suitable for teaching and meetings.

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