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Posted on 14th June 2022

Jobs across Thailand-English Teacher, Math Teacher, Homeroom Subject Teacher

  • Location

    Multiple, Thailand
  • Salary

    £707 - 824/month (฿30000 - 35000)
  • Contract Length

    10 months
  • Start date

  • Qualifications Required

    Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Experience

    None needed
  • Number of Positions

  • Passport Held

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Job description

Teacher’s Duties:

The following responsibilities are in no way a comprehensive list and are intended only as a guide for Teacher.

Teacher shall understand that all foreign teachers in Thailand and the same Placement School are not under the same agreements and framework. It differs according to each Placement School and, each department within the Placement School.

Teacher will work together and collaborate with Thai teachers, senior managers and KET regularly.

If natural disasters or severe weather incidents occur, it may result in the closing of Placement School. In the event of Placement School closing, an alteration of class schedules may occur. Teacher must abide by any modification of school & class schedule to ensure students receive the designated number of hours of study for each subject. Teacher must abide by the natural disaster and severe weather policy and complete any responsibilities assigned to them.

A positive attitude is always expected from Teacher, any involvement in negativity or slandering by Teacher could result in disciplinary action, and legal action.

Teacher shall put forth their best efforts; and shall provide quality professional services; and shall faithfully perform the duties and discharge the responsibilities assigned to them.

Teacher must, always, perform duties and work considered by the management of the Placement School to be within the scope of Teacher’s employment.

Teacher will obey and comply with all lawful and reasonable instructions made by management at Placement School.

Teacher will respect the Thai people’s moral standards and customs.

Teacher must comply with Placement School Curriculum.

Teacher shall complete all agreed tasks on schedule.

Teacher will provide learning evaluation grades when requested.

Teacher shall provide lesson plans according to the curriculum for all scheduled periods.

Lesson plans must be submitted to the assigned manager when and where requested.

Teacher can utilize the following resources for designing lesson plans and course content, however, not limited to Libraries, publishers, websites and shall share information with colleagues.

Teacher shall participate in morning greeting gate duty if requested.

Teacher shall facilitate classes according to the lesson plan and curriculum.

Teacher shall assist in the growth and development of the students.

Teacher shall assist in keeping classrooms and office space clean and tidy.

Teacher shall assist students when and where necessary, and when requested.

Teacher shall deal with all classroom management issues efficiently.

Teacher shall deal with the discipline and guidance of the students in an effective manner.

Teacher shall take part in and facilitate activities when requested.

Teacher shall facilitate activities associated with western festivals when requested.

Teacher shall prepare selected students for competitions when requested.

Teacher will train students for speech competitions when requested.

Teacher shall assist in the promotion and advertising of KET & Placement School when requested.

Teacher shall conduct oneself politely, professionally, and respectfully.

Teacher shall be a positive role model for the students to aspire too.

Salary & benefits

Teaching Jobs Across Thailand

Kids English Thailand (KET) has multiple teaching jobs across Thailand for an immediate start.

We aid in finding accommodation, provide in-country support 24/7 + we give you a reimbursement for the cost of the visa extension and work permit after completion of a full school year teaching.

We also provide a Thailand Focused Teacher Training Course for teachers that have never taught in Thailand before.

The teaching positions that we have available include teaching English, Math, Science, Health, Sport, and IT all using English as the language of Instruction.

What we Provide:

Assistance finding accommodation-Rent & utilities are always a personal responsibility; however, they are very inexpensive!

The contract period is preferably a full school year, which is May-March

Kindergarten, Elementary Schools and Secondary Schools available

Schools’ locations are in the Upper Central, Northern & Northwestern regions of Thailand

Between 18-25 lessons per week- (Typically 50 minutes duration per lesson)

Salary 30,000 – 35,000 Baht/Month

Teacher Training Course for teachers that have never taught in Thailand before in the beautiful province of Sukhothai that introduces you to Thai Culture, Thai Language & Thai Schools, + an excursion to one of Thailand’s most impressive World Heritage Sites, The Sukhothai Historical Park, the first ever Capital City of Thailand 800 years ago.

Pre-departure guidance, so you understand how to obtain a Thai visa, & what you need to bring with you!

We process the paperwork for your Non-Immigrant B Visa, Work Permit & Teaching License

We provide in-country support 24/7

We aid you to open your very own Personal Thai Savings Bank Account with a Visa ATM Card

We aid you to acquire your very own Thai Sim Card.

Paid Thai National Holidays

  • Location

    Multiple, Thailand
  • Salary

    £707 - 824/month (฿30000 - 35000)
  • Contract Length

    10 months

Job requirements

No previous experience is necessary as training can be provided! The only requirements are you must have a bachelor’s degree in any subject and can commit to a full school year contract. Sometimes six-month contracts are available.

You must bring the original degree, certificates & transcripts with you to Thailand

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