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Posted on 26th November 2021

Home Based Teaching – WUWOW

  • Location

    Multiple, Online Jobs
  • Salary

    £270 - 975/month ($360 - 1300)
  • Contract Length

    1 months
  • Qualifications Required

    Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Experience

    None needed
  • Passport Held

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Job description

To accommodate the exponentially increasing number of students, we are reaching out to individuals around the world with a passion in teaching English and to gain experience. We offer full training, prepared curriculum and materials, and great hours.

We’re looking for native English speakers with great communication skills, clear pronunciation, patience and a passion for teaching.

A few key regulations and policies:

  • each class is 25 minutes
  • a 15-minute [prior to class] cancellation policy is available for students, in which case the class will NOT be paid
  • classes will NOT be paid in case of tardiness and uninformed absences

* other regulations and policies will apply

Salary & benefits

🔺 Target students: Taiwanese, all ages, divided into 12 levels.

🔺Teaching hours: 09:00 – 00:30 (GMT+8)

🔺Rate: $9-$13 USD / hour

  • Location

    Multiple, Online Jobs
  • Salary

    £270 - 975/month ($360 - 1300)
  • Contract Length

    1 months

Job requirements

  1. Qualifications

    1. Bachelor’s degree
    2. TOEIC 860+ or equivalent
    3. Minimum 1 year teaching experience (tutoring experiences preferred)
    4. Certificates (IELTS, CELTA, TESOL, TEFL) are a plus, but not mandatory.


    • Webcam
    • Headset with mic and USB output (no blue-tooth or jack output)
    • Desktop computer / Laptop
    • Stable internet connection (no hotspot sharing/tethering)
    • Good lighting and appropriate backdrop / Blank wall

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