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This job has now expired and can no longer be applied for. Click here to search live jobs.

Posted on 15th October 2019


  • Location

    Multiple, Spain
  • Salary

    £880/month (€1000)
  • Contract Length

    9 months
  • Start date

    1st October 2020
  • Qualifications Required

    Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Experience

    None needed
  • Number of Positions

  • Passport Held

    USA, Canada
RVF International

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This position has now expired and can no longer be applied for.

Job description

We connect native English speakers with English Teaching Positions in Spain and then assist them with every facet of the entire process from start to finish to help get them there.

We will:

  • Connect you with an English Teaching Position in Spain
  • Assist you with the registration and application process
  • Help you with the entire process of securing your Spanish visa
  • Assist you to open a bank account, getting your phone to work, get legal residency in Spain, etc. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure you have a successful and pleasant time in Spain.

Salary & benefits

Teaching Benefits:

  • Four-Day work week,
  • Competitive Spanish salary,
  • Three-Day weekends where you can travel and explore Spain and Europe,
  • Health Insurance

You will earn between €700EUR to €1000EUR per month depending on the region as the salary is relative to the cost of living of the location where you are placed. The salary is a very competitive Spanish wage.

Visit Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and many other cities all throughout Spain!

Earn a competitive salary as you gain unique ESL experience!

Travel all throughout Spain and Europe during your three-day weekends!

Embrace a new culture and diverse environment!

  • Location

    Multiple, Spain
  • Salary

    £880/month (€1000)
  • Contract Length

    9 months

Job requirements

  • Must be have an American or Canadian passport,
  • Have at least a 4-year college degree,
  • Have no serious medical conditions (for your own safety),
  • Have no serious criminal record.

Living in Spain

With a Mediterranean climate and a European lifestyle, Spain is the kind of place most people only dream of living. Plenty of sunshine, delicious local cuisine and regular siestas make Spain the perfect destination for those looking to enjoy a laidback lifestyle.

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