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Nevy's Language is a non-profit social enterprise that helps immigrants to English speaking countries across the world improve their English.




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We are a non-profit enterprise that runs online language programs for immigrants to English speaking countries across the world. We believe that language learning should have a practical approach.

Mission - Our mission is to improve the language levels of immigrants to English speaking countries across the world improve their English through innovative products and services.

Vision - A world where immigrants with limited English language skills are formally and economically empowered and integrated into their new society.

Values - Our values include being responsive to the needs of the community, sustainable, welcoming and innovative.


Working with Nevy's has been a wonderful experience for me. Not only has it allowed me to improve my interpersonal skills, but I've also gained a sense of personal fulfillment from helping others achieve their English-language goals. In addition, Nevy's wide variety of materials makes teaching students of all levels straightforward and productive: perfect for anyone who's new to tutoring!

Gloria T.

Volunteering with Nevy's Language was such an enriching experience for me. I love how Nevy's Language makes teaching English a breeze through its easy-to-browse website and well-structured content. Volunteering with Nevy's is an incredible way to give back to society and gain valuable teaching experience.

Robbin S.

My experience teaching for Nevy language has been nothing but positive. To be able to teach students that are eager, receptive, appreciative and deserving of the opportunity has been very gratifying. It has opened my eyes to real world challenges - beyond linguistic ones - that Canadian immigrants face, and this is facilitated by the one-to-one teaching method. It is impossible not to be moved by the founder’s vision and subsequent and continuous quest for growth. The initial training offered is clear and very useful, and the site and resources are easy to navigate. It is a win-win experience for both new and seasoned teachers, as well as the student. I highly recommend any teacher to devote a few hours a week to this excellent cause!

Julie B., EFL teacher globally, 22 years experience

My experience with Nevy's Language has truly been superior. I highly recommend this organization. I had just finished my online TEFL course with International TEFL Academy when I was trying to figure out how to complete my practicum. I was a bit overwhelmed. I easily found a place to observe ESL classes but not to tutor or student teach. I found Nevy's and was intrigued since it is a nonprofit social enterprise to help immigrants. I also realized that I was not really ready to start marketing myself as a paid tutor and after carefully considering the Nevy's option to help me complete my practicum, I decided to give it a try. Immediately, I realized that the team at Nevy's is extremely professional and very well-organized. After a simple application process and a recorded video interview, I was guided through the online training with Nevy's which I found very beneficial. And then I was able to choose from a few different student options. Now, I have been tutoring for about 1.5 months with Nevy's. It has been extremely rewarding to help my student (a young man who immigrated to Canada) and to monitor his progress. I too have learned a great deal from this experience which I will be able to use in my future teaching jobs. The initial contact email that I received from Nevy's made it clear that you need to understand your commitment of training plus the 2 months, but that in turn Nevy's is also committing to you to support you as a teacher. This is absolutely true. I have invested time into this volunteer opportunity but I could not be more pleased with the results and the fact that this has been a wonderful transition from taking the online TEFL course to move toward teaching or tutoring for pay.

Lucy H.

“I went into my very first tutoring session at Nevy's Language feeling prepared and equipped through the training videos and materials provided. The sessions here are flexible and have allowed me to work from home on my schedule with the students of my choice. This opportunity has provided me with valuable first-hand teaching experience. I have gained knowledge regarding strategies and methods of teaching that will come in handy for my future career. I'm so glad I took part in this organization, as it has strengthened my belief that I want to pursue a career in teaching.”

Jeannie Z.

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