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Join our team as a volunteer English teacher today and help us generate funds for our social projects in rural Cambodia!

Volunteer in Cambodia is a social enterprise based in Phnom Penh. It was set up in 2006 and much of what we do is very unique!


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About Volunteer in Cambodia

First of all, we offer a no-fee volunteer program!
So if you are looking for a free opportunity to volunteer your time and skills in South-East Asia, look no further because we have got your back! Volunteer In Cambodia has always offered and will always offer a no-fee volunteer program!

Secondly, we offer a comprehensive TEFL placement!
And it comes with all the bells and whistles any teacher should expect: teacher training orientation, professional development workshops, classroom observations, drop-in teaching support, etc. The best way to test the TEFL waters or gain valuable TEFL experience!

In addition, we teach localized English. In other words, we teach our Cambodian students things that are relevant and useful to them!

For example, we do not teach Halloween and 4th of July but Ancestors’ Day and Victory Day – two important days in Cambodian culture and History. We do not teach strawberries and blueberries either but longan and rambutan – that is fruit that our students actually… buy and eat!

Our volunteer English teachers really delve into Cambodian culture by teaching English at Conversations With Foreigners.

Last but not least, 60% of our profits goes to fund social projects in rural Cambodia!
This mechanism allows transfer of funds from the city – where money is concentrated – to the countryside – where money is scarce.

Examples of current social projects include training farmers in Kandal province in sustainable organic farming practices, providing a primary school in Kampong Thom province with a water sanitation system or replanting mangrove trees in Kampot province to develop eco-tourism.

This is what makes us stand out from the crowd!

You too can teach English in Cambodia at our Conversations With Foreigners school and make a difference in Cambodian people’s lives!

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Deadline 31 July

Volunteer teaching in Cambodia

  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Unpaid

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