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It is our mission is to work with teachers on the one hand and excellent schools on the other so as to bring them together, no matter where they are in the world. All schools are audited by our team to ensure a positive work experience with a vetted employer in an outstanding location.




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The-Online-Teacher is a fantastic teaching job matchmaking service. Our website provides an easy to use platform for teachers around the world, enabling them to find the perfect job. Gone are the days where you have to fill out application after application; once you register with us, we will create a personal profile for you that we send to the best schools, based on your needs, your qualifications and experience.

Our Mission is to facilitate and promulgate the growth of online teaching by helping teachers from all corners of the world find online teaching opportunities. We believe that online education helps to bridge the gap between those who have access to quality education in their geographic area and those who do not. By transcending the physical boundaries related to traditional education online education gives students the ability to have equal access to great educators giving them a pedestal for knowledge acquisition equal to their counterparts around the world. By participating in online education as a teacher you are not only supporting this greatly improved paradigm of equal opportunity but you are also able to benefit from increased salaries as a result of the cheaper infrastructure needed to teach online. It is our goal to bring great educators to the students that need them while bringing enjoyable, convenient and well-paying part-time jobs to those educators. As technology advances, systems change. Be part of that change.

Canterbury, Kent, UK


"I had posted half my profile and was fumbling with my video when my first job offer appeared. I contacted Kami about the job offer. She replied in less than an hour. I told her what sort of teaching experience I had, and she made a point of looking for work more suited to my experience. It turns out that the staff at Online Teacher is very hands on. They take a personal interest in your job application. Very efficient and personalised service. I'm very happy with them."


"Simple and easy to use. I got my profile finished very quickly and received my first job offer in 8 hours or so with 97 kid ( or Funbulous, I guess ) I got directly invited to the demo lesson without needing to go through the interview stage which they told me you normally need to do if you don't apply through the-online-teacher."


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