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At Erudite, we create and maintain honest and sustainable relationships with our foreign partners. We accelerate the speed of the recruitment process and improve the quality of teachers being delivered to private and international schools we work with around the world. expanding the scope of teacher recruitment and training to empower and promote the innovative and international expansion of education.

Our vision is to empower the future of education with qualified teachers by providing comprehensive education solutions and to give a teacher-oriented platform which enables innovative teaching.




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At Erudite, we believe that all students deserve the highest-quality education available. That is why we specialise in bringing amazing teachers and innovative schools around the globe together in tackling the most significant challenge in education, which we believe no matter how student success is attained,there is one crucial factor, which is the power of a great teacher.
We are ready to help teachers and schools raise the bar for what is attainable in learning by joining hands with top universities and educators all over the world to build professional development courses for teachers. The industry is dominated by recruitment firms no longer investing time in the candidates, as well as the schools. We spend time interacting 1-1 with all our qualifying candidates and school partners. Therefore, we are able to identify teachers who truly qualify for specific roles, not just by qualifying on paper, but fitting specific roles and specific management styles.

Cape Town, South Africa


"Thank you to Erudite for being efficient, and for being so supportive throughout my experience. Teaching in China changed my life!"

Michael Ionedes

"It was a pleasure dealing with the company. I recommend them to anyone looking at teaching in China."


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