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Peerless job opportunity in the capital Hanoi, Vietnam!
One of the biggest language companies - Royal Education shall bring you the opportunity to experience teaching English, life and the beauty of Vietnam.




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Royal belongs to Binh Minh Group (BMG) - BMG is an organization operating in the fields of Information Technology, educational counseling, short-term and long-term overseas study consultancy, foreign language training, high quality agriculture. BMG has many strategic partners such as Cultural Homestay International (CHI) in the USA, Cengage Learning, ABE, Embasy Summer UK, Coleman College Singapore etc. and a system of many customers who are Can Tho University, Agriculture Academy, Dong Thap University, Foreign University - Hanoi National University and schools from preschools to junior high schools.
Royal is a unit of foreign language training and study abroad consultancy and cooperating with many kindergartens, elementary and junior high schools in Hanoi. Every year, we employ about 200 foreign teachers and sign long-term labor contracts with about 200 Vietnamese teachers to teach English, with about 200 associative partners being schools from preschools to junior high schools in Hanoi area.
Royal's goal for year 2019 is to seek and build a close business relationship with a number of reputable and qualified strategic partners, to be able to provide Royal with a stable and qualified foreign teachers and through it together with Royal to strengthen and develop the system, stable customer network in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces of Vietnam.

Cầu Giấy, Hanoi, Vietnam


"I have worked for Royal Education JSC. for 1 year and overall I enjoyed the experience. The TAs have been very friendly and helpful, and the classes themselves are big but usually very enthusiastic. The more time that you spend learning about your own teaching methods and how to improve them, the less time you have to ask very specific questions that usually require a common-sense approach. I work hard, always completing my weekly class-schedule except for extreme circumstances. It takes time to adjust to the culture and the varying attitudes on communication and priority. I am as direct as possible at all times with Royal, but sometimes would fall on deaf ears if I spoke to the wrong person. So, getting to know my co-workers in the office is also a real benefit. If I encounter any problems with directions to my school (now I am not an intern), or my motorbike has a problem, it is beneficial to work for a company like Royal, who can provide support for transportation as a last resort. Royal has been reliable and supportive since I arrived in Vietnam. I am very happy to have the pleasure to teach for them again in the next academic year."


"Thanks Royal for an amazing year and a half! Loved working with you guys and all the kids. Keep up the good work! Love!"


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