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Founded in 1988, Kang Hsuan has always been active in Taiwan’s educational community. Over the past 30 years, it has grown to become one of the largest textbook publishers in Taiwan developing textbooks for elementary and junior high school education. Kang Hsuan is in a position where it sees prevalent trends among students and the shortcomings of Taiwan’s educational system. One of those trends is the tremendous pressure that junior and senior high school students face in getting into prestigious institutions. Consequently, parents who are concerned with their children's academic competitiveness take their children to supplementary learning institutes starting from elementary school.




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About Kang Chiao International School

Schools have focused far too much on student performance on high-stakes tests, and it is indeed sad that these scores are the primary measure to evaluate students’ abilities and talents. As a result, students are unmotivated to learn and the intense workload also leads to stress, limiting students’ potential for creativity and curiosity. This is the reason why Kang Hsuan had always wished to establish a K-12 elementary, junior, and senior high school as a way to test its curriculum and contribute more specifically towards education reform.

To realize this educational philosophy, Kang Hsuan established Kang Chiao Bilingual School in 2000. The site of the Kang Chiao Xiugang Campus was finalized at the end of 2000; the 4.5-hectare site is located on Xiugang Hill on Huacheng Road, Xindian District. In 2002, the preschool and elementary school started to accept students. The junior high school was registered and started to accept students in 2004. In 2009, the senior high school was also officially established, announcing the completion of Kang Chiao's K-12 curriculum. Thanks to the leadership of Superintendent Chang and his team's effort, Kang Chiao has established a solid reputation in bilingual education in Taiwan. The school has received a plentitude of acknowledgment and support from the parents of our students ever since.

In order to provide an excellent educational environment and allow more children to receive a high-quality bilingual education, a new campus site was purchased in the community of Qingshan Township in 2007. Following its construction, the preschool and elementary school were relocated to the Qingshan Campus in 2010.

It was also in 2009 that Kang Chiao International School was established. It serves to provide an international education for local and expatriate families. The primary goal is to cultivate internationally-minded students who are able to achieve their fullest potential, equipped with the skills necessary to prosper in a global environment. The curriculum was designed to eliminate the traditional emphasis on standardized testing and foster in the students a love of learning and our curriculum serves as a vehicle for them to discover and hone their talents and skills.

Kang Chiao International School places great emphasis on ensuring that students are completely bilingual and offers a bespoke multidisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes the importance of a balanced lifestyle, through physical, emotional, and academic success. Kang Chiao developed a comprehensive and rigorous exploration program that sees our students climb the summit of one of Taiwan’s highest mountains, swim across Sun Moon Lake, and cycle the entire coastline of Taiwan. Through these mental and physical challenges, Kang Chiao students develop perseverance and tenacity while learning to appreciate the beauty of their homeland.

The past 20 years of continuous growth and refinement have led to Kang Chiao obtaining the International Baccalaureate World School (MYP and DP) authorization, AP and AP Capstone authorization, and WASC accreditation. These successes have spurred the Kang Chiao community to continue to pursue excellence. With the leadership of Chairman Mike Lee, the KCIS community is ready to face and meet the challenges of the future with even greater success. In this way, we will guide our students towards Kang Chiao’s vision: a truly beautiful future.

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