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i2 (International Institute of Education) is committed to providing students with a personalized elite growth program in an educational environment with foreign teachers,small group classes of 4-6 students, and phenomenon base Learning (PBL) . It has established 91 campuses in 12 provinces and 18 cities in China, and served ten thousands of students with a quality international education.There are more than 600 foreign teachers. Furthermore, i2 has been rated as: the “Most Influential Foreign Languages Training Organization”, the “Most Influential Educational Group” and the “Famous Brand of Young Learners English”.
To allow students to access international language training resources in their home country, i² International Institute of Education has always kept pace with the most advanced teaching concepts in the world. In early 2017, it launched the “iWonderful International Elite Development Program” which was jointly developed by domestic and foreign experts after nearly a year’s effort. Riding a growing wave of international education, the program relied on the world-class Macmillan graded curriculum system, which is designed to cultivate international elites with great competence in advanced cross-cultural understanding, communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration skills and to further enhance their overall international competitiveness.
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The i2 International Private School has been rated as “Most Influential Foreign Language Training Institution”, “Most Influential Education Group”, “2017 Famous Children's English Brand”, and won the National Foreign Experts Bureau “TEFL in China” in 2018. Foreign teacher training qualifications.

In order to allow students to enjoy international language teaching resources without going abroad, and with an international vision, i2 International Private School has always kept pace with the most advanced teaching concepts in the world. At the beginning of 2017, i2 International Private School launched the “iWonderful International Elite Growth Project”, which was jointly developed by domestic and foreign experts and prepared for nearly one year. The project conforms to the development trend of international education and relies on the world-class Macmillan graded curriculum system. The curriculum is more diversified. In addition to the language and art of the major courses and the PBL phenomenon teaching, there are also minor courses in family education and social responsibility.

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I2 International Institute of Education, Baicao Road East, Jinniu, Chengdu, Sichuan, China


My name is Heinrich and I come from a beautiful green country called South Africa. I have lived in different countries before I moved to China in 2015. So far it has been one of the best places that I have lived in. I love the kindness of the people here and the diversity of people in Chengdu. I love my job here as teacher and teacher manager. Teaching children at I2 is really great and fun for me as I have the opportunity to teach children with different levels and different ages. Classes are so versatile and that keeps my job challenging and entertaining. I absolutely love all my students and they are the reason I go to work with a smile everyday. I also love to help new teachers who come here and help them to create a good life like the way my life turned out here. It adds to the fun challenges to help them improve in the classroom and as a teacher. The role of a teacher is very important to me as I love to see students progress and improve with every class and knowing that I am helping them shape a good future for themselves.

Heinrich , Chengdu campus

Hello my name is Crysta and I am from Peoria, Illinois, USA. I have my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and my master’s in Early Intervention in Autism and Sensory Impairments. I came to Qingdao, China in early August 2018. I started working for i2 at the Luxin campus. I love the atmosphere at i2 and how everyone has the same goal for the children- to grow and succeed! I enjoy working with the Chinese staff and the other foreign teachers. I enjoy coming to work each day and I get excited to see my students who are ready to learn!

Crysta, Qingdao campus

My name is Gigi and I come from the beautiful country of South Africa. I studies paralegal law studies and business accounting at Rondebosch academy and the Paralegal school of South Africa. I have travelled to many countries and still find China one of the most fascinating places. I love the diversity of students in I2, everyday and every class is different. I love the fact that I can teach students who are different ages and different levels, this makes teaching them interesting and always fun. My students are the most important part of my job and I teach because I love to see the progress and growth of each student I have. working with a great campus team is what I also love at I2.

Gigi Chengdu campus

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