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Public schools need our help in Japan!

For the right person, this is a perfect opportunity for you to experience life in the Japanese education field. Positions are available for the School year 2022 in April. Start your application now!

Japanese teachers and students need our help to develop their skills in English. We are looking for people who will help in this effort. Not only this, but we are also seeking English Speakers who would like to experience the Japanese culture and to expand their knowledge and skills in Japan.




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Our company values aspiring and experienced teachers looking to learn how the Japanese style of teaching works for about 30 years now. We provide ways to get you prepared for public schools and regular training to further develop your skills. Our dedicated bi-lingual staff will support you from the application process to your daily life at school.

3-chōme-8-1 Higashinihonbashi, Chuo City, Tokyo 103-0004, Japan


You will find work at a Japanese school an interesting and fulfilling experience. I think that this job has a lot of rewarding things about it. For example, in the case of elementary school, the children are brimming with energy and open to exciting and new things. It's fun for both the teacher and the students to do even simple things together and explore the world through English. For junior high, you are hopefully able to instill an interest in English, while preparing the students for high school and beyond. Junior high school is also fun, but more difficult to teach than elementary. Whether you stay for just a year or plan on living here, you will find work at a Japanese school an interesting and fulfilling experience.

William (U.S.A.)

My experience here has been an extremely positive one. Heart Corporation has offered me such a fantastic chance and opportunity to begin a new chapter in my life here in Japan. Previously coming from a job in Shanghai, I have found life here in Japan easier to adjust to thanks to the aid I've received from Heart. The staff are very kind and helpful and always respond to my questions with helpful advice. My coordinator is very friendly and I feel comfortable when speaking with him as well as the staff in general at Heart. So far my experience here has been an extremely positive one and I'm excited to see what's to come in the future.

Reece (U.K.)

Heart Corporation helped me to widen my horizon as a teacher. Heart Corporation helped me to widen my horizon as a teacher. I had been teaching high school students in my country and had zero experience in handling younger students. I was afraid when I was deployed to elementary schools in Japan. Handling pupils was not my cup of tea due to their active nature. However, my perspective changed! It was fulfilling and fun. No dull moments were teaching the kids. I got to sing and dance and play with them which I never thought I could. I thought it would be dreadful to teach elementary students. It just turned out the exact opposite. Thank you Heart Co. for helping me experience those wonderful moments and for helping me grow as a teacher.

Efren (The Philippines)

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