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Concierge placement specialist working in Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Myanmar and countries in the Middle East! We operate as Head-Hunters with your interests at the centre of our business model to ensure stable growth and continuous development throughout your career as a traveling teacher / educator. Contact us if you wish to level up!




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We started in late 2018 doing placements as a so called "side hustle" as many teachers do, but very quickly evolved into a fast developing International network of inclusion that created a space for high quality placements and attention to detail. Where many "Recruiters" fail, we succeed because the age old concept of recruitment is dying. Placing sole value in pleasing the school doesn't allow room for growth for both parties, and as such our core model is to ensure the teacher is placed in a school that they deserve. Thus creating a situation that enables consistent happiness in position, that fosters creativity and subsequently creates a more sustainable platform for both Teacher and School. We also offer concierge services for teachers who want to be treated as VIP placements and further add value to their journey from their homes to their new found accommodations in their teaching environments.

Phuket, Thailand

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