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Volunteer in Tanzania are a wonderful way to explore while helping the needy. You can hike the enormous mountains, explore the Serengeti, and discover the different cultures. You can visit the Maasai tribes or get to know the veiled women in Islamic Stone Town. There is something for everyone!




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W e are working with Tanzania Adventures together with Community and volunteering Program here in Tanzania.
Community and volunteering Program deals with seven areas

1. Sexual reproductive health and life skills,
2. Environmental conservation
3. Teaching in primary secondary and high schools.
4. Tourism and Hospitality.
5. Accounting, Business, Marketing and Finance
6. Information Technology, Marketing and
7. Medical Field.

All the(1-3) project operate in secondary schools where we have open up the clubs and setup the training manual for the whole year. The operations of club section done three days a week with different professionals and volunteers, for the volunteers can receive a short Training and facilitate the sections. Our operation is basically in Arusha
For the Information Technology, Tourism and Hospitality, Accounting and Finance, and Medical Field the project enables volunteers to share skills and expertise with the small and medium Enterprises with Hospitals and health Centers in Arusha and surrounding areas. The Project helps young Professionals with additional skills, providing a new opportunity of learning and advancing their future prospects.

Arusha Clock Tower, Clocktower Roundabout, Arusha, Tanzania



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