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You will be given the tools to be set up for success. For new teachers, training, coaching, support, and guidance is offered. For veterans, take your career to the next level with a fast track to a managerial role. In any event, guaranteed development, raises, bonuses, and career counsel is part of the package.

Gain experience with all age groups from K1 to young adults through our variety of programs. Blend technology in state of the art facilities. Activate student engagement, specialize in your preferred level, and have enough work life balance to enjoy travel and culture within Vietnam.

With over 140 centers spanning 40+ cities, there is something for everyone. You can experience the capital, the south, something coastal, something rural -- take your pick, and inquire within about small city bonuses.


APAX is a reputable company with great benefits. It allows flexibility in terms of placement. I started off my teaching journey in a small town, 4 hours from Hanoi which gave me the authentic Vietnamese experience I moved abroad for. After 5 months, I transferred to Ha Long and called one of the World Heritage sites home for a few months. High performing teachers are shown recognition and for teachers who work hard, there are options for career progression both in the Teacher Management Department and for non-teaching positions at their Head Office. After spending a full year in the North of Vietnam, I relocated to Saigon in the South. I loved being able to move across the country and remain with the same company. Lessons are fully planned and for someone who had never taught before relocating to Vietnam, this afforded me an opportunity to focus on being a great teacher. The programmes the company offers provides a variety of levels to teach from the cute iGarten students to the older levels who have taught me so much about the culture and country.

Candice Lewis, South Africa

After graduating I found myself stuck between feeling like I should get a "real job" and "Man I just want to travel and have a break from life". I applied to come to Vietnam to teach with APAX, was a random, spur of the moment thing whilst I was figuring it all out (life). My mates thought I was a bit nuts, told me to think a little more about my decision. Stubborn as I am, I didn't listen. Upon arrival my life kinda just started working again, things were fitting and falling in to place, everything that I asked for was coming alive. I LOVED my job for the first time EVER and I had a life at the same time?!.... My 6 month 'spur of the moment thing' turned in to the length of a piece of string... Thank you to all the amazing people at APAX who have made this happen for me, couldn't have done it without you!

Joe Barber, England

I came over to Vietnam in 2016 and haven't left since. The balance between everything - work, lifestyle, social, money - is too good to leave! The pollution here isn't the greatest, and giving up the fresh air of the UK is something I do miss, but the pros far outweigh the few cons. For some there's a culture shock, for me there wasn't much as I'd previously traveled to India, and it's a lot more chilled in many respects. In terms of working with APAX, they helped me find my feet and get set up in a great job right away, despite having no experience teaching kids. I had great fun in the training week, although it was a bit more free-flowing back then. I joined when it was still a bit of a startup, so it was chaotic but fun. Things have improved miles since then, and teachers get a fantastic deal now, not just a pay check. There's much more of a community vibe going on, and there's way more organisation. The curriculum has evolved so much over the last few years, and the kids are as great (and mischievous!) as ever. Everyone is always trying to improve themselves, students, and the centres, and morale goes up as a result. I'd strongly recommend APAX to anyone looking to start out in their career in teaching English - you won't find a better job elsewhere if you're a beginner teacher. After a year or so you can progress to positions with more responsibility and influence, so there's a career ladder for those seeking one. This isn't something you get with other companies in Vietnam or sometimes in other countries too. Even if you're just looking to do a year and head somewhere else or back home to continue working, it's pretty much unrivaled in giving you a really solid and enjoyable experience.

Ezra Luckcock, England

I have been working with Apax for over 2 years. It is the first ESL job I've had and they have made it as simple as possible to teach English abroad. There is comprehensive training and little to no lesson planning. There is foreign management support as well as helping set up work permits, visas and career growth opportunities. The package is competitive and you still get time to travel Vietnam while earning at the same time. It is the best way to start teaching in Vietnam if you are a newbie and nervous about embarking on a new adventure in a foreign country.

Kristy Smith, South Africa

Great stuff! The teachers have more than enough time to plan your classes and are always very well supported. The centers are located all over Vietnam and there are a lot of options on where to teach. The program the center uses is very easy to learn and understand. The salary is more than enough to live comfortably in Vietnam and save money. Personally I have had an amazing time working here.

Emil Flakk, Norway

Having done close to 4 years in Vietnam, and bouncing around all of the different schools / options, APAX is one that definitely stands out. It offers full support, a good work-life balance, a good salary / benefits, and is truly unique in that it values staff growth and development.

Geoff Sokol, America

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