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Want to refresh some of your old TEFL skills or need help learning totally new ones? You’ve come to the right place! Coming straight out of the LoveTEFL Learning Hub, these 5-hour teacher development courses will give you specific knowledge on a wide range of teaching skills and knowledge throughout the year. Here’s what you’ll get included:

  • Understanding and Teaching Tenses
  • Understanding and Teaching Pronunciation
  • Classroom Management for Teenagers
  • Teaching Very Young Learners
  • Teaching Large Classes
  • Using Technology in the Classroom
  • Understanding and Teaching Conditionals
  • Plus! Brand New Courses added every month

From writing in phonemic script to knowing your present perfect from your past simple, you’ll never be short of practical ideas for your classroom. Get started with year-long access below.

Develop your teaching skills


These short courses are designed to improve your confidence in the classroom and help make your job applications stand out from the crowd. And with totally new courses released each month, you’ll have a place to keep developing your teaching skills.

You’ll work through interactive quizzes, insightful videos and reflective assessments to ensure you’ll be able to apply all the knowledge you’ve picked up.

Written by our friendly tutors, these courses are simple and easy-to-use. Forget difficult lingo or complicated assignments – we use straightforward language and easy-to-digest materials to make you feel comfortable picking up your new skills. So, don’t worry if you need to sharpen up on grammar! Our teaching development courses have got the tools to help you nail it.

You’ll also get a LoveTEFL certificate of completion to add to your CV / resume to give you a professional edge when you apply for TEFL jobs.

We're growing the Learning Hub, Together.

Our goal is simple – create top-quality resources and provide useful advice to help you find your dream job and grow as a teacher! With our expert TEFL knowledge and your helpful feedback, we’ll be creating new resources every month on a learning system that works for you.

  • Accessible and affordable: There’s no need to shell out for every course – just get year-long access to our Teacher Development courses.
  • Easy to understand: Forget difficult lingo – we use straightforward language & easy-to-digest guides.
  • Ready to use in the classroom: Download and print easy-to-follow lesson plans, ready to use right away.
Building together

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